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  5. Two of The Best: Toyo Open Country AT2 VS BFG AT KO2

In particular, he pointed out the wide circumferential grooves and large lateral evacuation grooves designed to keep the tire connected to the pavement while rapidly displacing rain water. Anti-hydroplaning technology is a priority for me in tire selection. A further priority for me is the ability of a tire to sustain light-duty off-road driving.

Puncture resistance and traction are factors to consider in this environment, especially if that trail is slick and muddy. What this means is a smooth responsive ride in a variety of seasons on paved road, yet if you are a bit of an adventurer or want to explore some family fun, the Open Country durability allows for some off-road terrain exploration. The result is a smooth running, longer lasting tire designed to handle the extra load requirements of crossovers and SUV vehicles.

Owners of this type of vehicle desire smooth driving with responsive handling. Not always an easy combination with these larger vehicles. Combined with all-wheel-drive, the tires delivered remarkable grip, especially on rain-soaked highways.


Or in plain speak, tire noise! Such as sand dunes and heavy rains! With maximum precision and grace!

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Camping Cookware, Dehydrators, Meat Grinders | Open Country Campware

The only disappointment in terms of slippage is when the tires are subjected to almost black ice surroundings. But to be fair, this is a result of hitting those turns slightly harder than normal. Otherwise, making precision turns is not a concern. As a result of which handling turned out to be quite exceptional in nearly all conditions. On the other hand, without proper alignment, be prepared to encounter a few minor vibrations at a higher speed.

Especially on interstate journeys. And the logic behind this is quite simple. The large tread blocks consist of wide gaps, right?


Due to such a design, the blocks tend to continuously hit the asphalt. Instead of a direct contact between the surface of the tire and the road! How tires work. The structure is a combination of zig-zag shaped pattern and polygonal blocks. This kind of a tread design helps in reducing noise, irrespective of the terrain. To be completely honest with you, all high-quality tires display only minimal wear during the first year.

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This particular element promotes remarkable durability. It extends the lifespan of the tread by as much as 40 percent. And after all, you do want your tires to last for a very, very long time!

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Irrespective of how many miles they travel within a stipulated period of time, right? They also provide the No Regrets plan. Check price on Amazon. If there are two things the Cooper Discoverer AT3 excel at, they are gripping and ripping.

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  5. Throughout the testing phase, in both off-road and on-road conditions, the tires were nothing but impressive. At least as far as traction is concerned! Even if it meant keeping 3 out of 4 tires stable on the ground! When traveling on the highway or city roads, the Cooper Discoverer AT3pose no challenges. The tires are very much equipped to withstand rain and snow. And the former with minimal hydroplaning!

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    Stopping and starting under slippery winter road conditions is also a hassle-free experience. The Cooper Discoverer AT3 is packed with an aggressive tread. Am I right? Having said which, I put them to the test. This includes rocks, mud, snow, and sand. I exposed the tires to the whole lot, and they failed to disappoint in any way. When it comes to delivering optimal traction, this particular model performs exceptionally well.

    Citerne, a new reservoir for contemporary artistic discourse in Lebanon

    That means your jeep will keep rolling as much you like. Now you already know that the Cooper Discoverer AT3 offer stable performance off and on the road. That these tires are incredibly stable under wet conditions as well! The Cooper Discoverer AT3 is a remarkable upgrade, as far as handling goes. Especially under snowy conditions! When on city roads and highway, the tires help you achieve that smooth ride. One that is free of turbulence and shaking! However, their overall agility is quite phenomenal. Particularly when you know that they are supplied with an aggressively designed tread pattern!

    The thing about Jeeps and aggressive tires is that the former makes the latter sound like monsters.

    Two of The Best: Toyo Open Country AT2 VS BFG AT KO2

    And the Cooper Discoverer AT3 is not an exception. Although the noise is not beastly! Nevertheless, the tires do produce road noise a little above average.